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Birthday Parties at Wyvern Academy 

Neptune Aquatic Solutions is pleased to announce that we can now offer pool parties at The Wyvern Hydrotherapy Pool, Dorchester Road, Weymouth!

At Neptune, we understand the pressure parents are under to give their child a memorable birthday experience without breaking the bank. With our range of swimming pool party packages we aim to keep the costs of your party down, without compromising on quality, and most of all fun!

Are you interested in one of our amazing party packages below or would you prefer to tailor the party around your child?

Give 01305 819390 a call or Email wyvern@neptuneaquatics.co.uk and he will get back to you ASAP.

Fun and Floats Party

Suitable for 5 years upwards

Kids love nothing more than jumping in and splashing their friends when they are in the pool so that is exactly what our Fun & Floats party is designed for. 

With a range of floating and sinking play equipment, children are free to roam around the pool and have some good old fashion fun. We will provide a full trained lifeguard on the side of the pool to oversee your party, and help with anything you may need.

The Ratio for this party is a maximum of 15 swimmers. 

Any child under the age of 3 will have to adhere to our 1:1 ratio.

All other children over the age of 3 years will need 1 adult, to 2 children for adequate supervision.

Fun and Games

Is your little one super competitive?

 Do they have to turn everything into a race or a game? 

Then look no further than a Games Galore swimming pool party. 

With a fully trained member of our pool supervisor team on the side of the pool, all you need to do is get stuck into the fun and games!!!! 

Our party will involve a mixture of team based and individual games that can include float racing, ball skills and some traditional party games that have been given an aquatic twist (does anyone remember What’s The Time Mr Wolf?). 
There will also be some time for well-deserved fun, with 10 minutes at the end of your party set aside for the kids to do their own thing.

This party is designed for children who can swim, however adaptations can be made.