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Pool Management Courses @ Education and Training Courses

In the current climate, litigation is a continuing problem to recognised pool operators. The majority of issues are due to the lack of quality training.

Once the doors are opened to customers, members and guests there is a legal requirement to provide a safe hygienic environment.

STA Water Testing Module (minimum of 16 years of age)

Water Testing qualification aims to provide the basic information needed and skills necessary to competently test swimming pool and spa water, and to provide a basic understanding of the outcomes of those tests.

STA Pool Plant Operators (minimum of 18 years of age)

The Pool Plant Operations qualification aims to enable candidates to manage and maintain swimming pool, spa and interactive play feature operation via receiving the training necessary to reflect the most up-to-date requirements and standards for pool plant operation.

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STA Water Treatment (minimum of 16 years of age)

The Water Treatment qualification aims to enable candidates to understand the basic principles of the treatment of swimming pool water. It provides candidates with the knowledge and skills to competently test water and maintain safe bathing conditions.

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