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Internal Quality Assurance (IQA)

What is Internal Quality Assurance (IQA)

Quality assurance can be defined as a system to monitor and evaluate a product or a service.

"It should identify and recommend measures to make improvements to standards and performance, or at least maintain the status quo if everything is working well. Internal quality assurance (IQA) relates to the monitoring of all the teaching, learning and assessment activities which learners will undertake. The activities should form part of an organisation’s overall quality assurance system." 

Sourced Gravells Ltd (UK), website

Why chose Neptune Aquatics for your IQA

We offer a professional service designed to meeting the requirements of the awarding organisation. Our service is designed to reduce your costs in the long term by offering a robust and comprehensive internal quality assurance process.

  • Dedicated IQA assessor who will help your ATC every step of the way through your application process
  • Advice and support for our IQA team
  • Help with policies and procedures writing, to ensure they meet the awarding bodies requirements
  • Internal checking of your course paperwork, inline with the awarding bodies polices and requirements 
  • We act as your ATC complaints department and will investigate complaint

How we run our IQA

The two types of Internal Quality Assurance (IQA) that are used should be treated as separate entities. Any person who acts as both the center or course organiser and the tutor will need to undergo both sets of IQA.

Centre Internal Quality Assurance 
For any organisation or individuals that plan, arrange or organise training courses, these IQA assessments will be completed via desk based assessments to ensure that the centre is operating within the Awarding Organisation’s (AO’s) standards.
Tutor/Assessor Internal Quality Assurance -  (formally called moderation)
For any individual that delivers or assesses training courses. This will look into the delivery or assessment methods of the tutor/assessor. IQA is required for all aspects of this role; tutoring, assessing and/or tutor assessing.

Charges and Fees

The fees below are charged per IQA assessment. Depending on the outcome of each assessment, ATCs, tutors or examiners may require further IQA assessments.

Desk Based Sampling 

Paper Based IQA
Course Fee
£25 per course registered 
£120 per year for a 12 month contract
1 - 3 People
£40.00 per assessment
4 - 6 People
£65.00 per assessment
7 - 9 People
£95.00 per assessment
10 - 12 People
£115.00 per assessment

Tutor/Examiner Site Visit

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All tutors and examiners are required to have a site visit every year for each role
  £150 per visit plus travel  @ 45p per mile

For further information on pricing  please email IQA@neptuneaquatics.co.uk