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First Aid Courses @ Neptune Education and Training

The importance of providing adequate first aid training as part of your Health & Safety policy should not be underestimated, Neptune Aquatic Solutions's expert team of trainers are here to help you manage your specific legal and moral requirements. It doesn’t matter how many people you need to train or at how many sites, Neptune Aquatic Solutions can meet all your specific workplace, leisure and sports first aid needs through one central resource.
STA Emergency First Aid at Work (minimum of 16 years of age)

Emergency First Aid at Work qualification is to enable a candidate to be able to act as an appointed person to take charge of the first aid arrangements, including looking after the equipment and facilities and calling the Emergency Medical Services when required.

STA First Aid at Work  (minimum of 16 years of age)

First Aid at Work qualification aims to create a level of competence in first aid skills for the workplace.

Paediatric First Aid - Foundation  (minimum of 13 years of age)

Paediatric First Aid (Foundation) course is designed for parents, and people who work with children in the absence of their parents. As a Teacher you will be giving the course candidates knowledge on first aid, and dealing with emergency situations when in the care of children.

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Paediatric First Aid Award  (minimum of 13 years of age) 

This course meets the requirements of the Early Years Foundation Stage.

The Paediatric First Aid Award aims to give the candidate knowledge and assess them on their ability to deal with emergency situations, how to recognise and respond to serious medical conditions and serious injuries. The course includes training on adult, child and infant resuscitation manikins, the contents of first aid boxes and the recording of accidents and incidents.