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Aquatic Skills Program

About the Aquatic Skills Program @ Neptune Aquatics

About the Aquatic Skills Program

To ensure that Neptune Aquatics fulfills in goals, we have designed its own program of swim lessons called the Aquatic Skills Program (ASP).

The Aquatic Skills Program is an ‘all-inclusive’ program which takes young swimmers from their first splash right through to developing confident, competent swimmers who are immersed in a whole range of aquatic skills including:

  • Competition standard swimming
  • Ball handling skills – useful for sports such a water polo
  • Advance sculling techniques
  • Lifesaving skills – Used for both personal safety around water but also to ensure water safety of other around water
  • Diving skills

Swimmers who complete the Aquatic Skills Program will have the skills that allow them to take part in a host of different sports therefore not just limiting themselves to swimming for fitness or recreational purposes.

The Aquatic Skills Programme has been devolved though the use of the swimmers wheel. This wheel is constructed of the 5 fundamentals elements of swimming, these are

The Aquatic Skills Program uses Animal names to outline the different levels on the program. Children will move from animal to animal as they complete the different criteria for each level.