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About Neptune Aquatic Solutions

Neptune Aquatic Solutions was formed in 2012 as a result of a partnership between St Nicholas School, Chippenham and David Westbrook (Managing Director, Neptune Aquatic Solutions). After hiring the school's Hydrotherapy Pool to run swimming lessons, it became clear that the school required further help to develop the pool and get the best usage for the local community. 

David was asked if he would be able to provide the support and staff to allow the pool to open to the public outside of school hours. This developed into a great working relationship and eventuality to Neptune taking over the whole management of the Starfish Hydrotherapy Pool. 

It soon became clear that many other Hydrotherapy Pools were in the same position, from this we developed our Missions

Increase and Develop Hydrotherapy Pools for the benefit of the local area and communities  

David Westbrook, Neptune Aquatic Solutions

To help us do this we have developed a range of services which are designed to include, educate and inspire the users, the staff and the community to get in and get involved in the hydrotherapy Pools. to ensure they are used and the community benefit from them being in the area. 

Neptune Aquatic Solutions is one of the only companies in the U.K who specialize in the management of Hydrotherapy pool. Not only developing hydrotherapy pools to maximum usage by all groups of users but also reducing the running costs at these pools. 

This Hydrotherapy Management Solution has allowed Neptune Aquatic Solutions to bring pools back from the brink of closure and get them running for the benefit of the school and the community. 

If you have a Hydrotherapy Pool and would like some more information about the services we offer and how we can help you and your pool. Give us a call and we can discus your requirements and see how we can help you